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Holdem Indicator Review

Holdem Indicator is one of the leading poker odds calculators that provide both odds as well as opponent tracking as you play.  It provides a good combination of providing the essential odds information in real-time while you are playing online as well as tracking your opponents game play, presenting important statistics on their betting patterns and profiling the player into a number of categories such as a fish, a calling station or good player. 

Holdem Indicator Odds
The main view of holdem indicator provides an intuitive odds displays providing both your win odds and your pot odds side by side for easy comparison.  This display allows you to quickly see if your win odds justify staying in a pot given your current pot odds.  As well as win odds and pot odds, the probability of both you and your best opponent making the various hand categories such as a flush or a straight are displayed at each betting round.  This allows you to easily see potential draws on the board you may have missed as well as knowing your own chance of making your draws by the river.

In addition to this information, you will see your outs as the hand unfolds, the Sklansky group and the EV of your current opening hand.  All of these features provide a strong arsenal of information to aid in your betting decisions, but with Holdem Indicator, this is only half the story.  With every hand you play you will be tracking your opponent's game play, building statistics that will allow you to exploit their weaknesses in future betting rounds.

Holdem Indicator Opponent Tracking
The opponent stats window in Holdem Indicator displays key statistics for each player that will enable you to keep track of your opponent's game play at a glance.  These statistics include:

Hands: The number of hands that have been tracked for that opponent.
VP$IP%: The percentage of hands where the player voluntarily puts money in the pot pre-flop, giving an indication of the player's pre-flop tightness.
PFR: The percentage of hands where the player raises the pot pre-flop, indicating the player's pre-flop aggression.
AF (Aggression Factor): A measure of your opponents post-flop aggression, essentially the number of post-flop bets or raises divided by the number of post-flop calls.
WSD: The went to showdown percentage.
WSDW: The went to showdown and won percentage.

Let's consider a number of ways that you may use this information to take more money from your opponents.  Assume a player before you puts in a pre-flop raise.  You should instantly look at their pre-flop raise percent.  If this is very high, there is no need to show great respect to this raise, but if this is low, you know that your opponent is not only on a good hand, but you can already start to place them on a limited set of hole cards that you can then narrow down in latter betting rounds. 

If you have ended up heads up with a player on the flop, look at their aggression factor, if this is low and they start betting you can safely leave the pot without a good hand.  If this is high, but they rarely go to a showdown, you may want to put in a raise to test if they really have it.  A high aggression factor means they not only bet and raise, but they also rarely call.  This combined with their low went to showdown %, means if they are not on a strong hand, they will probably fold and their action will reveal to you the strength of their hand.  There are countless other situations where these statistics are of great value.

Holdem Indicator also presents you with these statistics on your own game play.  It can be very difficult to determine your own style however seeing these stats on your own game play will tell you if you are achieving your desired playing style (e.g. tight aggressive).

When a sufficient number of hands have been played, holdem indicator will profile your opponents into a number of categories and display an icon, such as a fish or a warning signal to quickly identify your opponent's game play.

This great tool is free when you sign up to a poker room along with a nice first deposit bonus.  Additionally, you can download an evaluation version that works on play money games.  Yes, yes, I know these play money games can be a bit tedious to put up with, but you will get to see all the features of this tool before even signing up to a new poker room.  So check it out and I know you won't be disappointed. is an affiliate of Holdem Indicator