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Tournament Indicator is the Worlds 1st Poker Odds Calculator Designed Specifically for Tournament Play
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Tournament Indicator Review

Tournament Indicator is the 1st online poker odds calculator that is specifically designed for tournaments and Sit and Gos.  It boasts a wide range of features including a full set of poker odds displayed in real time while you play and opponent tracking and profiling.  As well as this the calculator includes essential information based on the MZone, essentially how deep stacked you and your opponents are relative the blinds and antes.

Poker Odds in Tournament Indicator

The main view of tournament indicator is an intuitive odds display providing both your win odds and your pot odds side by side for easy comparison.  It is often useful to compare your win odds to your pot odds to see if a call is justified.  The side by side display makes this very easy to determine at a glance.
You can also see the odds of making the various hand categories by the river for both you and your best opponent.  This can be useful if you have placed you opponent on a given hand and know that you have to hit your flush for example to win.  In this situation you may compare the odds of making your flush (as opposed to your win odds) to your pot odds.
A very nice unique odds feature when pre-flop is the "Match Cards Win Odds" display.
In tournament play you are often in a situation where you need to decide if you will put all your chips in pre-flop, so this display shows your all-in win odds against various categories of preflop hands, or random cards.
As well as these odds you will see your outs as the hand unfolds, the Sklansky group and the EV of your current opening hand.  All of these features provide you with essential information relating to any form of holdem poker, but Tournament Indicators goes much further in its specialty of unique tournament specific calculations.

The MZone

If you are not basing most of your tournament decisions on your stack size relative to the blinds and antes, then there will be some major leaks in your game that are costing you money.  In Dan Harrington's famous tournament strategy guide "Harrington on Holdem Volume II: The Endgame" he states:

"The most important single number that governs your play toward the end of tournaments is M, which is simply the ratio of your stack to the blinds and antes. This number is crucial and you must develop a facility for calculating it quickly and easily at the table."

Tournament Indicator is the only poker calculator that provides this number M and categorizes it into MZones for both you and all of your opponents.  When you are short stacked you may need to make your move much quicker than you would as a deep stack and can not always wait for the optimal hand to do this.  Similarly, this is the case for your opponents, so when your opponents are short stacked you must come to expect moves that would be considered reckless in other situations.  As a result of this, it is very important to constantly be aware of your stack size and that of your opponents.  Tournament Indicator will let you keep track of this at a simple glance.  It is this strong emphasis on reporting MZones that makes Tournament Indicator ideal for tournaments and Sit and Gos.

As well as odds and MZone, there is a third area of reporting in Tournament Indicator.  Tournament indicator will track you opponent's game play, presenting statistics that will allow you to identify weaknesses and exploit the opportunities these weaknesses create.

Opponent Stats and Profiling
The Opponent Stats window presents important information on your opponents' game play that will allow you to keep track of their play and categorize them as a player.  These stats include:

MZone: Your opponents current MZone as detailed above.

VP$IP%: The percentage of hands where the player voluntarily puts money in the pot pre-flop, giving an indication of the player's pre-flop tightness.

PFR%: The percentage of hands where the player raises the pot pre-flop, indicating the player's pre-flop aggression.

AF (Aggression Factor): A measure of your opponents post-flop aggression, essentially the number of post-flop bets or raises divided by the number of post-flop calls.

WSD: The went to showdown percentage.

WSDW: The went to showdown and won percentage.

Streak:  How many times you opponent has won or lost hands in sequence, indicating their potential to be on tilt.

By knowing this sort of information on your opponents you will be able to access things such as the chance they might be bluffing, whether they are likely to fold to a bluff and how likely they are to call pre-flop.  Additionally, when sufficient hands have been played, your opponents will be categorized into categories such as a calling station, a gambler or a tight aggressive player.  When categorized, an icon is displayed next to the player to allow quick identification of their playing style.  If you double click on an opponent in the stats window, a new window is displayed specific to that opponent.
This window presents these statistics and profiles for your opponent according to their game when in the different MZones, so you will be able to see how you opponent plays according to different stack sizes.  This feature is also unique to this poker odds calculator, further enhancing its benefit for tournament play.

Tournament Indicator is free when you sign up to a new poker room, and there is a free download that will allow unrestricted play for up to 48 hours, so I would suggest you download the tool and try a tournament, or a couple of single table Sit and Gos.  This will give you a feel for the potential this tool has to improve your game, placing you in the money more often and allowing you to finish in the top positions. is an affiliate of Tournament Indicator